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Corporate Citizenship

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Tarena's Education Initiative

Tarena-Discovery Cup Chinese University Students Software Design Competition

The Tarena-Discovery Cup is an annual national software design competition organized by Tarena and cosponsored by the Hangzhou Foreign Trade Bureau, Goldman Sachs, IDG, and JAFCO Asia. It has one grand prize and hundreds of other awards to encourage participants to apply their skills and present their creations. Tarena also offers free programming seminars during the competition so all participants can go home with stronger technical skillsets.

To minimize restrictions and encourage creativity, participants may choose from a variety of languages (C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, PHP, .NET) and platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux). Projects are judged based upon three criteria: programming ability, business intelligence, and professional skills. These judging criteria make the competition a great platform for talents to be recognized in the industry and help the employers identify future starts who will thrive in the technology sector.

The first Tarena-Discovery Cup was a resounding success. Over 10,000 students from over 1,000 universities and colleges in China participated. A junior student from Ningbo University of Technology, Kaidi Zhu took home the 100,000 CNY (16,260 USD) grand prize. Semifinalists and other top competitors shared over 200,000 CNY (32,520 USD) in additional prizes. Over 700 job offers were made to participants of the competition.

With the second Tarena-Discovery Cup well underway, the competition’s success is already guaranteed. The number of participants doubled from last year. Over 20,000 students are participating and will have access to IT training that we offer at no charge to all participants. The hands-on experience, interaction with industry professionals, and exchange of ideas among participants help incubate the next generation of IT talent, maybe even the next Steve Jobs.

Tarena's Inclusion Initiative

Training Individuals with Disabilities

Tarena started an awareness campaign of “respect and support for students with disabilities” back in 2007. We called on to the wider community to discover employment opportunities for students with disabilities and give them a chance to live an independent and meaningful life. Over the next three years, this awareness campaign morphed into a training program. Students gained the professional skills required to be competitive in the marketplace and over a hundred disabled students found job placements.

In 2011, we officially joined forces with the China Disabled Persons’ Federation to offer free programming courses for those with disabilities. Three sessions have been concluded. 82 graduates of this program got jobs and involved into the society.

We look forward to continuing to expand this program and are constantly researching methods to make our training more accessible and effective.